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Fiberglass Pools VS Vinyl Liner Pools: Which Is Better?


What Are The Top 5 Problems With Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools?

1. Floating Liner Unfortunately this happens due to the hydro static pressure that is around the swimming pool structure, forcing the liner to "bubble" or "float". Now ...
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What are the top 5 problems with fiberglass pools?

What Are The Top 5 Problems With Fiberglass Pools?

If you are interested in buying a fiberglass swimming pool, 1. Pool Wall Bulging Years ago, all fiberglass contractors where trained to back-fill their pools with sand. ...
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Swimming Pool liners: Is a thicker liner better?

Swimming Pool Liners: Is A Thicker Liner Better?

One of the more popular questions that we get when dealing with liners is: "Are the thicker liners better, for my swimming pool?" I wish ...
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Automatic Pool Covers: Can you cover a shaped swimming pool?

Automatic Pool Covers: Can You Cover A Shaped Swimming Pool?

Over the years of having dealt with thousands of pool owners and hundreds of auto covers.  One of the questions that most often gets asked is ...
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The best swimming pool contractors in Northwest, IN?

The Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Northwest, IN?

Every year at Royal Pools and more I get to meet hundreds of people with hundreds of questions regarding inground swimming pools. Since the beginning, ...
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Which pool pump is better: Single Speed, Two speed Or Variable speed?

Which Pool Pump Is Better: Single Speed, Two Speed Or Variable Speed?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from customers is "what style of pool pump do I need for my pool?" With the different options ...
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Fiberglass Pools VS Vinyl Liner Pools: which is better?

Fiberglass Pools VS Vinyl Liner Pools: Which Is Better?

Fiberglass Pools or Vinyl Liner Pools, which is better? One of the most important questions that I do get just about every day in my ...
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