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Automatic Pool Covers: Can You Cover A Shaped Swimming Pool?

Automatic Pool Covers: Can You Cover A Shaped Swimming Pool?

Over the years of having dealt with thousands of pool owners and hundreds of auto covers.  One of the questions that most often gets asked is “can you install an automatic pool cover on a shaped swimming pool?”  And the answer to that question is, yes, buuuuut it still depends:). Having too extreme of a shaped pool or adding water features, fountains, or spill over spas may in fact eliminate the option of a cover completely.  In this article I will go over the four style of tracking systems that are used on pools in an attempt to clear some confusion, in an attempt to solve your automatic hard pool cover problem!

Different types of automatic pool cover system

Under guide cover system

Underguide systems are great for rectangular shaped pools due to the fact that the cover material will glide completely on the pool water. Causing less wear and tear on the actual material it self so the cover material will last longer.

Under guide track systems are mounted to the top of the pool and have concrete poured over the top of the track channel so all of the mechanical parts are under ground. This makes for a very low maintenance system that tends to last longer than others.

Underguide automatic swimming pool cover

Pool in pool track system

Underguide automatic pool covers can also be installed on shaped pools, (to a certain extent) via an application called “pool-in-pool”. Pool-in-pool is a very unique and very custom look to your inground pool. This process is usually only used when customers do not prefer other auto cover track applications such as top guide track systems or flush guide track systems. This cover material does tends to wear more than on a standard rectangular pool.

Flush guide track

Flush tracks are designed to be encased right into the deck itself. It sits flush with the patio being just wider than the pool.  Unlike the under guide system the cover must drag across part of the patio until it reaches the edge of the pool at which point it will lower down the pool wall until it reaches the water where it sits.  These tracks are used most commonly for shaped pools.

Automatic swimming pool cover

Top guide track systems

Top mount tracks are designed to be drilled into the patio itself.  With this design it is also installed at the width of the widest part of the pool.  With this track system the automatic pool cover also drags across the patio before lowering at the edge to rest on the water.  This track is also most commonly used for shaped pools.

So there it is, the different styles of auto covers for the different styles of swimming pools! I hope this clears up some confusion and helps you make the right decision on what style of swimming pool works for you and your family.

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