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How Much Is My Liner Replacement Going To Cost In 2024?

If you have an inground pool with a vinyl liner, did you know that changing the liner can give your entire backyard a fresh look? Whether it’s for an upgrade or a cosmetic change, Royal Pools and G2 Outdoor Designs can assist you. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors to consider when thinking about replacing your inground pool liner.

The main interest points associated with pool liners tend to be cost, liner thickness, and warranty. When making such a huge decision, it is important to find a pool contractor that knows their way around liners. 

In this article, we will address all of your concerns regarding inground liner replacement costs, and what to expect during the replacement process. 

What Considerations are Involved in the Replacement of a Vinyl Liner Pool?

The cost of replacing an inground pool liner depends on several factors:

1.Shape of the Pool:

  • Shaped pools may have higher labor costs for liner replacement.

2. Size of the Pool:

  • Larger pools cost more due to the size of the liner and additional labor.

3. Depth of the Pool:

  • Pools deeper than 8 feet may incur an extra fee for more liner material.

4. Pool Stairs:

  • If your pool has stairs, consider whether the new liner should cover them and if you want textured stairs.


All liner replacements require custom measurements to be taken to send in to the liner manufacturer. 

Lower Range – A smaller inground pool without stairs may cost around $5,600.00 – $6,000.00

Higher Range – Larger or uniquely shaped pools with stairs can range from $6,800.00 to $7,800.00.


What Does This Cost Include?

When it comes to replacing an inground pool liner, we include the following:

  • Custom Measuring of your pool
  • Draining of your pool in preparation of the liner replacement
  • Standard 20 mil liner
  • Removing and disposing of your old liner
  • Cracks and/or divots are filled and smoothed – 1 bag of vermiculite included
  • The new liner is installed with new face plates, including skimmer, returns, and main drain.

Are there “hidden costs” of replacing my liner? 

While the base quote covers a standard 20 mil liner, some optional upgrades may increase the cost by 20-30%:

Thicker Liner or Special Finish:

  • Opting for a thicker liner, or a pearl or shiny finish, these options increase the cost.

Textured Stairs:

  • Choosing textured stairs is an optional upgrade with an additional cost.

Bead Lock:

  • Installing Bead Lock to secure the liner may have an extra cost based on linear footage.


Replacing your inground pool liner can transform your backyard, and understanding the costs involved is crucial. By considering factors like pool size, shape, and optional upgrades, you can make an informed decision for a pool makeover. Always consult with knowledgeable pool contractors like Royal Pools and G2 Outdoor Designs to ensure a smooth and successful liner replacement process.


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Written By Logan Edgemon