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Pool Services

pool services

Our Approach

We have a distinct approach to designing and constructing custom pools, prioritizing quality, craftsmanship, and personalized service to ensure that each project exceeds expectations. 


Your Outdoor Journey


Custom Pool Installation

Fiberglass or Vinyl Liner. The choice is yours.


3D Backyard Design

A 3D design brings your vision to life before construction begins. Experience a virtual walkthrough of your future oasis, fine-tuning every detail from layout to materials, ensuring your project meets your exact expectations.


Hardscapes & Design Features

Fire pits, shade structures, and integrated gardens, all designed to complement your lifestyle. From decorative concrete and pavers, hot tubs, cold plunges, outdoor kitchens, and pool houses, every element invites relaxation and entertainment even if a pool isn't right for you.


Landscape Lighting

Often overlooked, landscape lighting is a truly powerful tool to get the most out of your outdoor space. Memories don't end when the sun goes down.

Collaborative Design

Design Philosophy

We start by understanding your vision and priorities. Through close collaboration with our clients, we develop practical and innovative designs to optimize their outdoor areas. Our focus is on functionality, ensuring efficient use of every inch of space and avoiding unrealistic layouts.

Premium Craftsmanship

High Quality Materials

Using only the finest materials, we guarantee exceptional durability and longevity for every project. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our work, from pool construction to landscaping and beyond.

Thursday Fiberglass Pools manufactures high-quality fiberglass pools and is an industry innovator with the Fiberglass Pool Anchor System, Fiberglass Pool Beach Entries, Fiberglass Pool Backfill Eliminator, and Custom Skimmers.

Vinyl-liner pools are constructed using premium Latham liners, known for their superior quality.

Hayward Pool Products is a leading provider of top-quality pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and heaters, surpassing all competitors.

All the concrete we pour is driveway-grade or stronger as needed.

Only tested, reliable and quality products

Tech That Won't Let You Down

Field proven features including:

  • Pool & Landscape Automation: Control pumps, heaters, lights, and even create synchronized lights to the beat of music.
  • Custom Water Features: Rainfalls, water blades, and more are all controllable through automation.
  • AI Safety Cameras: Our advanced poolside security system keeps your loved ones safe.
Personalized Approach

From Consultation to Completion

Our methods are based on collaboration and tailored to bring your unique outdoor dreams to life with a personal touch, resulting in a finished product as unique as the clients we are fortunate to work with.

Here’s how we bring these visions to life:

It all begins with a personal touch - an initial meeting where we delve into your ideas, preferences, and how you envision your outdoor oasis. This discussion is more than just the first step; it's where we establish a connection, understanding what you desire and how you want to feel in your space.

With a clear understanding of your dreams, we move to the drawing board, sketching the first lines of your personalized outdoor retreat. This phase is a collaboration of ideas, where we bring our professional insight to your vision and suggest features and designs that enhance your space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Your feedback guides the evolution of the design, which will perfectly align with your aspirations.

After developing the concept together, we dive into the intricate details. Selecting materials, plants, and finishes becomes a shared journey to find the perfect balance between beauty, sustainability, and ease of maintenance. We consider every aspect, from lighting to irrigation, ensuring that your outdoor space's beauty is complemented by its resilience and functionality.

Our experienced construction team carefully plans every detail and turns the blueprint into reality. We value transparency and communication, keeping you in the loop as your vision takes physical form. Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures that your pool and surrounding area emerge with precision and care, reflecting the vision we’ve crafted together.

The final step is a shared moment of celebration: the walkthrough. This is when you see your vision fully realized. Every detail, from the texture of the tiles to the placement of each plant, reflects your vision. We take this time to ensure every element meets your expectations and to share advice on maintaining the beauty and functionality of your new outdoor sanctuary.

Our Guarantee


Industry-Leading Warranty

Our "Royal Guard" 3-year warranty on workmanship and labor surpasses the competition's standard of one year.



We offer everything from opening and closing your pool to weekly maintenance and repairs.



Our fully stocked store in Dyer, IN, has everything you need to keep your pool and landscape looking their best.