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What Are The Top 3 In-Ground Swimming Pool Trends In 2019!

Swim Season Is Almost Here! All We Have To Do Is Turn The Corner From This Crummy Weather In The Midwest, And Its Time Again To Do What I Love So Very Much! Work on Swimming Pools! Every Year We Some Cool Things That Tend To Take Off In The Swimming Pool Industry And This Year Is No Different! Even Though The Season Is Not In Bloom Yet, We Are Seeing Some Interesting Trends Develop With Clients Who Have Booked Installs For The 2019 Season. We Here At Royal Pools And More Love To Keep Our Clients Up To Date With Whats Hot And Whats Not, So Here Are The Top Three Hot Trends We See Already, In The Very New Pool Year

1. Fiberglass Pools

I know, I Know! You probably read that and thought to yourself, boo that’s boring! Let me tell you though, I have never seen a trend this powerful in the industry, it HUUUGE!


Over the last three years the swimming pool industry has seen a dramatic demand for Fiberglass swimming pools. Here at Royal Pools and More we are both a fiberglass and vinyl liner pool contractor but are seeing a 50% increase of fiberglass construction going into 2019. The reasons why, very from client to client but the most common are looks, ease of maintenance and warranties!

Fiberglass pool looks!

For a very long time, many pool professionals have been wowed by the look of a super shimmery, mirror like reflective sheen and bold color of a fiberglass pool gel coat! Recently as technology has gotten better, our clients have jumped on the bandwagon and took notice as well! The surface looks and feels very similar to a polished quartz counter top and is now being considered the classiest of all the pool finishes! Pictures do not do it any justice, as you must see it up close and personal with the refreshing water daring you to dive in! Below are the samples of a few colors we offer with our fiberglass pool models From Thursday Pools! Click Here to see our Thursdays newly added colors adding the modern look of gray to the lineup as well.


Ease of maintenance

With today’s world moving so fast, everyone can use a little help saving time! Along with the looks of a fiberglass pool gelcoat, it does have some pretty cool maintenance saving features! Being that the gelcoat is as smooth as a quartz counter top, the non porous finish does help save you time and money on maintaining the pool. The smooth surface makes it very difficult for algae to stick allowing cleaning of the pool to be minimal. This also allows you to save almost 50% on chemicals equaling huge dollars back in your hand!

Fiberglass Pool Warranties

This really is short and sweet! Fiberglass pools bar non carry the best warranties in the swimming pool industry! Most manufacturers carry a lifetime warranty and a limited lifetime warranty on the finish of the gel coat! On the other side of the spectrum, vinyl liner and gunite pool warranties are…. lets just say tricky! Thursday Pools Warranty

Vinyl Liner Pool Warranties

Vinyl liners do come with a 20 or 30 year warranty but are basically useless after the first 1-3 years. With vinyl liners,q it is assumed or accepted that it is normal for the liner to fail! Costing you thousands to replace it!

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Concrete/ Gunite Pool Warranty

Concrete pools come with varied warranties from 1-5 years typically. This is a warranty that is given out by the swimming pool contractor and typically not by the manufacturer of the surface. Although these warranties sometimes are actually better than the liner warranties. The unfortunate part of a concrete/gunite pool is that the pool itself does not play well with pool chemicals. This leads to a lot of surface stains, fades etc. allowing manufacturer / contractor to not have to honor the warranty. That does go for any surface warranty in the industry but fiberglass tends to hold up to chemicals significantly better than concrete and vinyl as well!

 2. Swimming Pool Automation!

Making its way into to everything in our daily lives and spreading like a wild fire! Automation systems are every where, cell phones, cars, homes and its taken a hard stand in the swimming pool industry over the last few years! Controlling your pool cant get any easier, with the development of internet based pool automation.

Functions include:

  • Pool Pump Control!
  • Pool light control with multiple light shows!
  • Heater Control !
  • Water feature control such as turning on pool bubblers, deck fountains and laminars!
  • Locking out your automatic pool cover/ water features, protecting you from draining your pool on the cover!
  • Additional features include control of landscape lighting and other backyard accessories!

All internet based swimming pool automation systems can be controlled by cell phone, tablet, computer or PDA. With all major swimming pool manufacturers allowing their systems to communicate with ALEXA home automation. We have seen a gigantic demand for pool automation and it is the second largest trend we are currently seeing with in the industry! Check out the video below from Hayward Pool Products


3. Bigger IS’NT Always Better

That is right, I said IT!!!! Gone are the days of the giant “L Shaped” Pool and as a matter of fact, we are not seeing to many 20′ x 40′ rectangles any more. More and More clients are choosing small to mid range sized swimming pools, that serve a purpose! Clients realize they do not need to host the entire neighborhood in the pool, swim laps and have now even said there is no need to dive! Instead focusing on modern simple backyards. The pools we are seeing today are focused on client needs which include, tanning ledges, toddler play ledges and we are even seeing an increase of flat bottom pool floors! Simply put, swimming pools are now being viewed for personal relaxation and not block parties or vigorous workouts! The backyard of 2019 has become a simple modern take on human relaxation!

Alright! Even though we have just started the new year the trends are already happening! I hope that this article has educated you and maybe even inspired you a little, to help get you through your buyers journey on getting that brand new swimming pool!

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