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Wondering How Much A Pool Liner Replacement Costs?

As you know by now if you have a vinyl liner in your pool you will eventually have to replace it. When that time comes I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of confusion in the swimming pool industry about pool liner replacement costs. Actually, its easy for me to understand why certain swimming pool contractors charge for thicker liners, maybe the contractor will repair the floor maybe they won’t, and it can go on and on. When dealing with as many liner replacements as Royal Pools has, we have learned that no swimming pool nor the liner is the same. The easiest way for me to answer this question is it will most definitely vary, depending on several factors.

What factors can change your vinyl inground pool liner replacement price?

  • What kind, of pool steps do you have?

Steps in the swimming pool can change the price of the liner dramatically. If your pool has standard thermoplastic stairs the liner price should not change, But if you have custom steps or benches otherwise known as liner over step, there will be a price increase.

  • Does your pool have an in-wall ladder?

Wall ladders are ladders that are built into the wall of the swimming pool. Most companies do not charge to cut the liner around the ladder. Beware some builders may charge for this added task.

  • Is the pool shaped/free-form?

If your swimming pool is rectangular the process of measuring the pool is fairly simple. This does not stand true if the pool is shaped. The process to measure a free-form/shaped pool is done by a method called A: B measuring. This is where two points outside the swimming pool are made. Then points around the swimming pool are made about every 16″ starting with point 1 and ending with how many are needed. Measurements are pulled from point A to point 1, then moving to point 2 until you get around the whole pool. This process is then repeated starting now from point B to 1. This process is timely so be sure to know if your swimming pool contractor charges more for this to be done.

  • Choosing a thicker liner vs a thinner liner

For obvious reasons a thicker liner will cost more because there is more material being that it is thicker.

Be sure you get a thicker liner for the right reasons. It is not always better to install a thicker liner. For more information check out this article that we wrote on liner thickness. Swimming pool liners is a thicker liner really better?

  • Damaged floor

Most pool contractors do include a base price for repairing the floor of your swimming pool. Typically it will be around 100 square feet or some may include a 50lb bag of vermiculite pool flooring. The vermiculite is mixed with the proper amount of water and then applied to the floor and troweled out like concrete. If the floor damage is excessive there is going to be a price increase to repair the damaged floor.

So what is the price of an inground liner replacement?

The short answer to that is that it does vary but I can tell you the average cost for an inground swimming pool liner replacement is anywhere between $4,500.00 – $6,500.00.

So there you have it, purchasing a swimming pool liner should not be so difficult. So be sure to have your swimming pool contractor review all of the bullet points I listed out for clear answers and pricing. I hope that this article simplifies things and clears up any of the questions or concerns you may have. Have a great summer!