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Why Do Fiberglass Pools Cost More Money?

As you probably know there is more than one style of in-ground swimming in the industry. Royal Pools and more offers two styles of inground swimming pools, fiberglass and vinyl liner.  Both have their pros and cons but there is one major difference between the two pool products that I get asked about at every appointment, “Why are fiberglass pools more expensive than vinyl liner pools?”

Shocked that fiberglass pools are more expensive than vinyl liner pools?


Here is a list of reasons why you will find that fiberglass pools are more expensive than vinyl liner pools.

Raw Materials

The raw materials to make a fiberglass pool are considerably more expensive than other styles of pools. Inground vinyl liners are made of typically steel and vinyl. Gunite pools are made of concrete.


All fiberglass pools have to be shipped from the manufacturing plant.  Also part of that price is permit fees and escort fees.

3. Apples to Apples comparison is absolutely needed

One of the most important reasons why fiberglass pools are more expensive is that not all are the same pool. For an example view Image 1 below.

Vinyl liner vs. fiberglass pools dimensions
Image 1 For this example we will say that both of these pools are 16′ x 32′.

Notice that the vinyl liner inground pool is just a standard rectangle with an exterior 4′ x 8′ staircase. Now take note that the fiberglass pool is the same size but has two “wedding cake” corner steps with 4′ benches. It also has two deep-end exits that also have two smaller benches. In addition, built-in the wall is also a perimeter step ledge for little swimmers in training.

It is important to understand that these pools and their respective designs are not the same. (Apples to Oranges)  If the vinyl liner pool were to be built exactly like the fiberglass pool, the price gap would close up significantly, if not completely.  So please be careful as to what you are getting in your inground swimming pool.

Chemical Savings

Fiberglass pools will save you up to 75% savings on chemicals. Which means less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying your pool.

Superior Finish

The finish of a fiberglass pool is made up of a “gel coat.” A gel coat finish is far superior to a vinyl liner due to its high-quality appearance, (similar to a quartz countertop finish) algae resistant finish, and the capability to last a lifetime!

To sum everything up, there is no doubt that fiberglass pools are priced more upfront. When you do decide to get a pool, make sure that you know all of the facts that go into buying the pool. We want you to make the right choice for you and your family.