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Top 10 Shaped Fiberglass Pools In 2020

While we may typically think of inground swimming pools as rectangular structures, shaped pools have become much more popular.

And let’s be honest, they’re look so much cooler!

But the question is this: “What are the best shaped fiberglass pools?”

And honestly, there are so many shaped fiberglass pools that it’s difficult to pinpoint just a few. For you, one shape may catch your eye over another. Everyone has their own preferences and what they like. But in this article, we’re going to highlight some of the coolest-looking shaped fiberglass pools!

And if you don’t find any of these that attractive, there’s sure to be something out there that you can find!

So without further ado—and in no particular order—let’s get this list started!

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Top 10 Rectangular Fiberglass Pools

The Wellspring by Thursday Pools


The dimensions of the Wellspring pool are as follows:

  • Width: 16’
  • Length: 36’
  • Depth: 5’10”

The first shape on this list has a ton of room for casual swimming along with ample seating areas in the form of ledges along one side of the pool. These ledges are kind of secluded and don’t take away from the swimming area, leaving options for those who want to enjoy this backyard oasis.

The tanning ledge is also secluded in this design as, its circular shape is backed into a corner, but retains its natural look.

Overall, this pool flows together in a weird manner. The benches, tanning ledge, and stairs are presents as their own sections, but make the design flow together nicely.

The Malibu by Alaglas Swimming Pools


The dimensions of the Malibu swimming pool are as follows:

  • Width: 11’3”
  • Length: 24’10”
  • Depth: 3’6” graduated to 5’3”

This design of this pool does a great job of diving the shallow and deep ends of the pool.

Just by looking at the pool from the aerial view, you can see that the design essentially divides the pool into two sections—but it does so seamlessly, keeping the design sleek and fashionable. Therefore, experienced and inexperienced swimmers can easily keep themselves to either side of the pool.


Not to mention, the design itself is just aesthetically pleasing with steps and benches on the outside looking in and also flowing with the design of the pool. I know, it’s weird, but that’s just the nature of the design!

The Coral Sea Lounger by Barrier Reef Pools


The Coral Sea Lounger comes in 2 different sizes and they are:

  • Coral Sea 35 Lounger: 15’2” (Width) x 35’5” (Length) x 3’7”-6’4” (Depth)
  • Coral Sea 31 Lounger: 15’2” (Width) x 31’2” (Length) x 4’-6’4” (Depth)

The design of includes steps at the entrance combined with a mini tanning ledge allowing you to get some sun and enjoy the water at the same time. There plenty of benches around the perimeter of the pool both in the shallow end and the deep end.

The inclusion of these benches does not get in the way of the swimming area as the design has pushed them out from the swimming area on the sides and corners of the pool, allowing those who want to do some casual swimming to do so freely.


The length surely allows for the inclusion of benches and a tanning ledge, but make no mistake, the swimming area is bigger than you may think with all of the other features included!

The C Series by River Pools


The C Series comes in two different sizes

  • 16’ (Width) x 35’ (Length) x 3’8” graduated to 6’4” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 3’8” graduated to 6’4” (Depth)

The difference between the two sizes is not that significant—only 5 feet in length—meaning that you don’t lose much space if you choose the C35 over the C40. And regardless of the size that you choose, you get plenty of swimming space to enjoy.

There is a tanning ledge at the entrance of the pool along with steps that lead down into the shallow end of the pool. At the deep end, there is a length bench that extends around the curved design, leaving plenty of space for those who want to take a breather for a few minutes.

The nice thing is that the spacious swimming area is not interrupted by the bench or tanning ledge, leaving multiple options for everyone to enjoy the pool!

The Sandal Beach Entry by Thursday Pools


There are two sizes of the Sandal Beach Entry pool and they are:

  • 16’ (Width) x 34.5’ (Length) x 5’8” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 39’ (Length) x 6’ (Depth)

A beach entry had to make the list at some point, and it had to come from the only manufacturer that makes beach entry pools—Thursday Pools.

Now, beach entry pools present a more luxurious aesthetic than other inground pools because they are designed to transition seamlessly from the patio area into the water, just as sand would transition into the water on a beach.


The design is different than other pools, so this pool will make your backyard oasis stand out from your friends’ or family members’.

The entrance can serve as a tanning ledge which transitions into steps that lead into the pool itself. And with benches on either side, there is ample seating room for those who want to relax by the water. Plus, with a safety ledge around the perimeter of the deep end, there is an increased sense of safety for those inexperienced swimmers!

The Titus by Thursday Pools


These are the two sizes that the Titus comes in:

  • 12’ (Width) x 26’ (Length) x 5’5” (Depth)
  • 14’ (Width) x 33’ (Length) x 5’10” (Depth)

Until now, this list has included some complex shaped pools, so this is where we take a bit of a turn.

The Titus isn’t fancy or flashy like some of the other pools on this list. There isn’t a tanning ledge or multiple benches, or a beach entrance. It’s actually fairly basic. But, for some people, that’s all they need.


The oval shape is more toned down than others, but still presents a sleek and simple design that is aesthetically pleasing.

The bench is placed at the opposite end of the pool from the entrance, leaving a spacious swimming area that can include everyone regardless of the size!

The Key West by Latham Pools


The dimensions of the Key West are as follows:

  • Width: 12’
  • Length: 25’7”
  • Depth: 3’7” graduated to 6’

This design doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that some of the others on this list do have. Besides a bench at one corner of the pool, there aren’t many other features to this design. But, it makes the list for another reason.


The Key West is spacious and has a ton of room for swimming. So, for those who don’t need the tanning ledges or multiple benches and want a pool almost entirely for casual swimming, this pool accomplishes just that.

The Laguna Deluxe by Latham Pools


The dimensions of the Laguna Deluxe are as follows:

  • Width: 14’
  • Length: 30’
  • Depth: 4’ graduated to 6’

This is your one stop shop for pools. The Laguna Deluxe has everything: a wading area, benches for seating, a spacious swimming area, and a spa that can either lead to the pool or be closed off as a separate entity.

So, for those who want all of the bells and wishes, this pool could end up being at the top of the list!

It’s sure to bring you the oasis you’ve always wanted and turn your backyard into the place to be for the summer.


In short, it’s got the best of every world that’s sure to bring relaxation and enjoyment to everyone!

The Havana by Sun Pools


The dimensions of the Havana are as follows:

  • Width: 16’
  • Length: 40’
  • Depth: 3’ graduated to 8’

The great thing about the Havana is the depth in the deep end. While most of the pools on this list hover around 6 feet deep in the deep end, this one has about an extra 2 feet. Therefore, this pool is great if you have kids who want to dive into the water since there is a few more feet of insurance in the deep end.


There is also a safety edge that extends around the perimeter of the pool, adding an extra safety measure.

Probably the most noticeable feature about this pool is its size. Extending 40 feet long and 16 feet wide, this is one of the largest fiberglass pools you’ll see. There is sure to be fun for everyone in this pool with enough space for diving, casual swimming, and watersports!

The Challenger by Alaglas Swimming Pools


The dimensions of the Challenger are as follows:

  • Width: 11’6”
  • Length: 26’2”
  • Depth: 4’6” flat bottom

We’ll close out this list with a fairly small pool for those who either don’t have the yard space to host a larger pool or for those who simply want a small pool.

The oval shaped Challenger provides more of an opportunity to relax in the pool with friends and family than more intensive swimming.

For parties where you just want to relax and enjoy company, this pool could be perfect for just that.


There is also is option to include a jet system for those who want to turn this pool into an opportunity to use it for exercise by swimming against a current.

Regardless, this pool is versatile and is sure to meet a wide range of needs!


Well, we’ve come to the end of the list and this is just a handful of shaped fiberglass pools! There are still so many more from many different manufacturers.

And in the end, you are the one who chooses which is the best fiberglass pool for YOU!

We could sit here and tell you which are the best fiberglass pool shapes as we’ve done in no particular order, but the choice is all yours. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. We all have different opinions and that’s what makes this great!

With so many options, there are so many possibilities for you. So hopefully we’ve done at least a little bit to get you started on considering what you like and don’t like!