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The Royal Five Year Warranty

The Royal Five Year Warranty

5_year_warrantyWhy do we offer a five year warranty?



We feel that some of the industry standards to be quiet honest are not always up to snuff. This enables builders to have poor installation practices. This in turn creates a lot of problems for customers down the road. Such as bulging pool walls, leaky plumbing, sagging concrete off of the pools coping or floating liners, just to name a few.

We have always felt that there were better, stronger more reliable ways to install our products, than just the “standard” installation. We simply hold ourselves to a higher quality standard of pool installation. In turn, this eliminates most problems that you run into with pools, which enables us to offer our warranty.


Royal Pools and More has been in business for 15 years as a pool builder in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago land areas. During those 15 years we have installed hundreds of pools in area. While installing these pools we have developed methods of installation that we know will last for years to come. We have taken the standard pool product applied our 30 years of construction experience, and have eliminated most of the major issues that come with in ground pools. Along the way we have created our “Fiberglass Rod Locking Collar” that assures our customers their fiberglass pool will never move out of place. We also install Our “Dry Pit Water Removal System” that will remove any ground water that sits around your pool, protecting from floating pools and liners. We love showing our customers the very first pool that we installed, just to show that it has stood the test of time. To view our oldest pool project click here.


It is important to know that any warranty, whether from a manufacturer or an installer, is a direct reflection of how they “back” the product that they create. If you have a high quality product, why not support your customer and offer a great warranty. We feel confident enough to “back” our product more than the next company so we offer a better warranty. We have literally put our “Money where our mouth is!”