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Should I get an automatic pool cover for my swimming pool?

Owning an inground pool can significantly enhance the allure of any home, offering a space for relaxation, exercise, and entertainment. However, maintaining such a pool demands both dedication and financial investment. One pivotal choice that often arises is whether to opt for an automatic pool cover.

Automatic pool covers, unlike manually handled covers, operate through a switch or code entry, automating the opening and closing process. These covers offer daily convenience, ensuring safety, and delivering energy and cost savings.

Pros of Automatic Pool Covers

When contemplating the decision to acquire an automatic pool cover for your inground pool, consider the following factors:


An automatic pool cover serves as a robust safety measure, particularly beneficial for protecting children, seniors, and pets. Its ability to lock securely mitigates accidental falls, granting peace of mind to parents and pet owners and substantially reducing the risk of mishaps.

Energy Efficiency

Embracing an automatic pool cover contributes significantly to energy conservation and decreased operational expenses. By shielding your pool during idle periods, it retains heat and functions as a solar cover, curbing evaporation by up to 70%, thereby reducing heating and water bills.

Pool Maintenance

These covers effectively minimize the time and effort required for pool maintenance. They act as a barrier against debris like leaves and grass, diminishing the frequency of cleaning. Additionally, automatic pool covers aid in preserving balanced chemical levels, inhibiting algae growth, and reducing the necessity for extra chemical treatments.


The effortless operation of an automatic pool cover elevates the pool ownership experience. Instead of manually managing covers seasonally, a simple push of a button suffices to open or close the cover, ensuring convenient access to your pool as desired.

Cons of Automatic Pool Covers

While the advantages are notable, there are certain drawbacks to consider:


Automatic pool covers come with a substantial price tag, typically ranging between $13,000 to $20,000. This cost may exceed the budget constraints of some individuals.

Cover Repairs

Regular maintenance and potential repairs are prerequisites, especially when covers face harsh weather conditions or heavy usage. Rope adjustments, material cleanings, and occasional replacements over time add to the long-term upkeep expenses.

In essence, the decision to invest in an automatic pool cover for your inground pool should align with your specific priorities and requirements. Should safety, energy efficiency, and convenience hold paramount importance, an automatic pool cover proves to be a prudent investment. Conversely, if cost or maintenance concerns overshadow the benefits, exploring alternative pool protection methods may be worthwhile. Engaging in discussions with your swimming pool contractor can provide valuable insights and potential solutions to address these concerns effectively.

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