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Weekly Maintenance

clean, clear, and safely balanced

Trustworthy Pool Care

Are you looking for a reliable pool service company with fair pricing? With Royal Pools, you will always have peace of mind. Rest assured knowing that your pool will always be clean, clear, and safely balanced, always ready for your family to jump in!

Looking For Pool Weekly Maintenance Service In Indiana Or Illinois?

Weekly pool maintenance packages can be custom-tailored to your needs. Or they can be as simple as picking a package that we have pre-built to fit all your chemical and cleaning demands! All maintenance packages include pool opening and closing discounts, mid-season filter cleanings, cover cleaning discounts, and heater tune-up discounts!

  • 1x Weekly Chemical Only Pool Service
  • 1x Chemical/Cleaning Pool Service
  • 2x Weekly, Pro Service
  • Vacation Service
  • Vacuum Service
  • Mid-Season Pool Filter Cleaning

With Royal Pools and More, you can rest assured that your pool will always be clean and ready for your enjoyment through services from our pool inspectors.


Build The Pool Of Your Dreams

Our first goal is to listen to you and understand what your needs are. Then we will schedule an appointment to discuss everything in further detail and also provide you with pricing!