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How To Find The Right Pool Builder For You

How To Find The Right Pool Builder For You

So you’re looking to purchase an inground swimming pool. That’s great! Inground swimming pools can provide a great deal of entertainment and enjoyment for your family and friends throughout the summer, but that luxury comes at a pretty hefty price.

An investment this big should give you everything you want and need–within your budget limits, of course. And to get the pool project that you so desire, you need to find the pool builder that can provide you with the appropriate purchasing and installation processes, products that you love, and the experience that you’re looking for.

No matter where you live, there’s bound to be multiple pool builders to choose from, and Northwest Indiana is no exception. But the question is this: How do you choose the right pool builder? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss.

We know that not every pool builder will be the right fit for you. Each builder will offer something different—perhaps something that another builder cannot. There’s a lot to weigh when choosing a pool builder and we hope to give you some of those options in this article.

By the time you reach the end of this, we hope to prepare you with knowledge about what to look for when searching for a pool builder so you can make a final decision that you are comfortable and excited with!

What Pools Does the Builder Offer?

We might as well start with the big one—pool type. The main reason you’re looking for a pool builder is for a pool to be built or installed in your backyard.

There are 3 pool types available to you: fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete. Each type brings something different to the table that you may love, but as with anything, with advantages come disadvantages (you can read more HERE).


Vinyl liner and concrete pools can be almost entirely customized, which means you can get creative with the shape of the structure itself. Whether it’s rectangular, L-shaped, or something more unique, the possibilities are almost endless.


On the other hand, Fiberglass pools are a little more restricted because of the way fiberglass can be manipulated. But even so, there are many shapes to choose from—they just can’t be customized.

Now, some pool builders may offer the installation of all three types of pools and others may only offer one type or a combination of the three. So, the pool builder you choose to hire and the products they offer must go hand-in-hand with what you are searching for.

Does the Pool Builder Have Good References?

A great way to see what a pool builder has to offer is to ask for references. This will allow you to see some of the builder’s work as well as their previous customers’ satisfaction levels with their pool projects.

A pool builder should be ready and willing to give you a list of references who will happily share their pool projects with you and give a review of the builder. And if they’re not, then that’s a pretty big red flag.

If a builder does their work the right way and are trustworthy individuals, then you should have no problem obtaining references and examples of their work. These are the builders to go with. They should make you feel comfortable about your decision to choose them and also guide you through every step of the process.

What Are the Pool Builder’s Prices?

We know pricing is as big of a factor in your decision-making process as any, so it’s only right that we included it as a factor in choosing the right pool builder.

You probably have a budget that you want to stick to when looking for an inground swimming pool to purchase, which is great! It honestly may make the process of choosing a pool builder that much easier.

Each pool builder will have their own set of prices for each pool type, size, equipment, and accessories so you can work with them to configure a project around your budget.

Base prices are available upon requesting a quote, but each pool project will be different depending on the unique additions just as yours will. And prices could make or break whether you go with one builder over another, which is to be expected.

At the end of the day, this is a huge investment that you should be comfortable spending money on to enjoy for years to come.

So Which Pool Builder is Right for You?

Well, that’s the million-dollar question isn’t it!?

We’d love to be able to give you an answer, but you’re the only one who knows! It’s your pool project and you make the ultimate decision about what you want and who you want to build it. Not everyone is the right fit for what you want and need, but part of getting to the end of the project is the process it takes to get there!

If you have any questions about starting your journey to purchasing an inground pool, give us a call at (219) 322-2797 or check out some of the articles listed below!