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How Long Does a Pool Installation Take?

So you want to get an inground pool? It is undoubtedly a big decision, but a necessary one if turning your backyard into an oasis of summer fun and family memories is your goal. Once you know the price range you will be looking at and what kind of pool you want, the next question you have would be: how long does it take to install an inground pool? 

Installing an inground pool is a lengthy process, water is also wet, right? To be honest, depending on contractor timelines and the pool type you pick, the honest answer is that it VARIES!  The goal of this article is to guide you as to keep the process as quick and efficient as possible. 

Throughout the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area, Royal Pools G2 Outdoor Designs installs 30 – 40 new inground pools a year. From the moment you sign the contract to get a pool to the moment you step foot in your pool for the first time, a lengthy and specific installation process takes place. Don’t let this scare you, no pool ends up in a backyard just like that. Fear not, the wait will be worth it. This article will manage your expectations and actually we will start our process for you, from your initial thought of you wanting a pool! 


Pool Education –  What inground pool is right for you! (1 week)

Education is the most important thing that we stress here, so OF COURSE we are going to tell you to start by educating yourself! As a matter of fact I bet that is why you are here reading this article right now! We stress to all of our clients to do your own independent research on what pool is right for you and your family. After you believe you have found the pool or pools that you think may be right for you and your family. Then go to the next step of this article which would be:

Fiberglass VS Vinyl VS Concrete


Pre-Installation- Picking a Pool Builder (1-3 weeks)

When accounting for how long it takes to install an inground pool, you must also account for the time it takes to pick a contractor. You should take a couple of weeks to research pool builders in your area. Look into your local pool contractors and pick the company best suited for your needs and the type of pool you want.  This is important because it may just be that the contractor you like doesn’t install the style of pool you want! The company you choose should be based on their expertise and knowledge of products. This should NOT be a game of who can install the pool fastest, someone new to pools may confuse FAST with RUSHED. As in any industry, all contractors are NOT created equally. Contractors that are booked out the longest tend to be the better installers in their industry. Finding the right contractor is the most important decision in your buying journey bar none! Please take the time you need on getting the right company and this process may take up to 1-2 weeks but sometimes even 3! Getting it right, will make everything else go so smoothly!  

Installation Times (3 weeks – 3 months)

When it comes to inground swimming pools, there are three main types that you will find in a backyard: fiberglass swimming pools, concrete swimming pools, and vinyl liner swimming pools. As states above, installation time varies. Why it varies, you may ask, is because each type of pool is installed differently, with various unique factors that can slow down or speed up the process. In some instances inground pool installations can take just 3 weeks, and in other instances they can take upwards of 3 months, sometimes even more. This is a generalized estimate that doesn’t account for the differences between the pool types. Fiberglass pools can be installed the quickest, so let’s start with them!

Fiberglass Pools (3-4 weeks)

Fiberglass pools have become very popular in the United States, one of the primary reasons for this being how fast and easy they are to install. A fiberglass inground pool takes about one month to install, from digging to swimming. Fiberglass pool installations are unique in that the pool shell is delivered to your backyard pre built in the shape you chose by said manufacturer. The simple and streamlined installation process of fiberglass pools makes it much quicker for a pool to end up in your backyard. That’s what you want, right?

Vinyl Liner Pool  (4-5 Weeks)

If you’re looking for an inground pool with some more cosmetic options, a vinyl liner pool might be the way to go for you. Unlike fiberglass pools, vinyl liners do not come in a pre-assembled shell, rather the pool structure is built in the ground and the liner is placed over it. This means that vinyl liner pools can come in a variety of shapes and different designs, a perk that sets them apart from fiberglass. Similar to fiberglass pools, vinyl liner pools take a hair longer to install as most of the pool is constructed in your back yard.  

Concrete/Gunite Pool (At least 6-10 Weeks)

Concrete pools are are highly customizable. By the nature of concrete, these kinds of pools take significantly longer to install than fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. If you decide to go with a concrete pool, you’ll be anticipating about 6-10 weeks between breaking ground and swimming for the first time, sometimes even a full three months depending on the weather. The gunite “curing” process itself usually takes a month. A concrete pool should most definitely be installed in the dead of summer for the fastest results. 


Additional Add ons: Landscape, shade structures etc.  (1- 8 weeks)

None of the aforementioned processes take into account any further backyard add-ons that one may purchase such as grass repair,  retaining walls, plantings etc. Many new pool owners are also very attracted to slides, diving boards, and basketball hoops, all of which are very popular pool accessories. Choosing to purchase any one of these add-ons will certainly elongate the process in some way, but it’s a relatively short amount of time next to the installation. Always consider your options!

Clearly installing an inground pool takes up a good chunk of time. But now that you know what goes into installing the three main types of pools, you should have a better idea of what kind of pool works best for you based on your location, backyard, and desires. Hopefully, your expectations were tempered as well. If you knew this information already, great job on doing research! But there’s a lot that goes into installing a pool and not everyone is expected to know how they’re done. At Royal Pools and More, we pride ourselves on educating the Midwest about inground swimming pools and providing honest information about them. We would love it if pools went into the ground and were swim-ready in a couple of days, but that’s not the reality. No matter what type of pool you choose for yourself, plan and prepare accordingly. Building an inground pool takes time, and great things come to those who wait.

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Written By Logan Edgemon