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Concrete Pool Deck: How Much Concrete Do I Need Around My Pool?

Deciding on how much pool decking you need is a difficult but very important thing to decide on. The facts state that you will spend significantly more time (about 90%) on the pool deck than actually in the swimming pool! Interesting, right? This means that getting the patio layout right is crucial to designing your backyard space.

We work with hundreds of clients and make it a point to figure out what activities they will be doing not only in their pool but around it as well. Before you get stressed out and Google search for a concrete calculator we think this article will help eliminate some fears. In this article, we will review the proper amount of concrete pool decking for all your pool patio accessories and pool decking activities!

The appropriate volume of concrete for every scenario!

Walking space

Walking space you will typically require 2′ – 4′ around the pool (notice I said walking not running LOL!) If you have a slide, please consider the width of the slide and then add 2′ – 4′ of concrete for safety reasons!

 Patio Furniture

  • Table and chairs for up to six people usually require a 10′ x 10′ concrete slab added to the pool deck.
  • Table and chairs for up to eight require a minimum 12′ x 12′ concrete slab.
  • Small end tables and chairs do vary on the size of the table. For concrete purposes, we generally recommend a 5′ x 5′ concrete slab.
  • Tanning loungers/ Chaise loungers need a minimum of 8′ of concrete off of the swimming pool. With that being said, a chaise lounger can extend out to 8′ on its own, if you would like to walk comfortably around the lounger please follow the rules of walking comfortably as mentioned above by increasing the total volume by 2′ x 4′.

Hot tubs and Spas

Hot tubs vary in size but typically max out in size around 8′ x 8′. To calculate the volume of concrete around a hot tub we recommend taking the length and width of the hot tub or spa and adding 1′ of concrete. As discussed above, if you need to walk comfortably around the hot tub we would recommend increasing the volume of concrete to about 2′ – 4′.


  • Patio space for slides is set by slide manufacturers and starts at 7 feet from the pool and runs for about 12 feet long. This should be given to you by your swimming pool contractor as you choose the right slide for your needs! Just as we mentioned before in the hot tubs section, the additional volume of concrete for comfortably walking around your diving board will start with a minimum of 1′ but we do recommend 2′ x 4′ of additional concrete!

Diving Boards

  • Diving boards just like slides require a specific amount of concrete set by the slide manufacturer and also by law. The specific volume of concrete does vary depending on the size and style of the board but typically starts with 6′ x 8′ feet of additional concrete.
    Something else to consider when purchasing a diving board is additional concrete underground! Let me explain! When you jump off of a diving board the board only allows so much weight on the front of the board unless you increase the board’s counterweight! Manufacturers do that by adding to the number of cubic feet underneath the surface of the concrete pool deck. In short, pool contractors must pour a thicker slab which will increase the cubic footprint of the concrete and add more counterweight on the back end of the board. This is an additional cost but it should be calculated and considered by your contractor before they give you the quote for a dive board and should not be considered in the final calculated volume of concrete at the end of the project.

All right, there you have the appropriate amount of concrete you need for all your backyard accessories! Concrete is something you can add on very easily around the pool as long as you plan for it and notify your contractor early on in the process. Deciding what is best for you and your family is the most important when laying this space out. So be sure you find a swimming pool company that can walk you through the steps for the most functional space possible. Good luck and cheers to your future swimming pool!

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