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Building An Inground Pool In Frankfort, IL? Here’s What You Need!

Building An Inground Pool In Frankfort, IL? Here’s What You Need!

In addition to providing our services to Northwest Indiana, we at Royal Pools and More service clients in the Chicagoland area, which includes suburbs like Frankfort, IL.

And just like we’ve done with many towns around Northwest Indiana, we’re going to give you a rundown of the rules and regulations for inground swimming pools that are unique to the town of Frankfort. Their restrictions could be very similar to those of towns in Northwest Indiana, or their differences could be night and day.

Regardless, you, the potential pool owner, need to be educated on what regulations your inground swimming pool must meet. And if you and your pool builder are both up to speed on these regulations, you’ll create a recipe for success with your pool project!

So let’s get to those rules and regulations set forth by Frankfort, IL!

Requirements Prior to Construction

  • Pool Building Permit Application Form
    • Plans and specifications for structural elements of the pool
    • Plans of slope, depth, and diving board (where applicable)
    • Plat of Survey
      • Location of pool
      • Location of deck area
      • Side and rear property lines
      • Location of pool equipment
    • Grading plan
      • Elevation of pool in relation to the top of the foundation of the home
      • Surrounding grades of property
      • Landscaping
      • Top of foundation
      • Side yard elevations in relation to pool areas
    • Fencing details
    • Alarm details
    • Developer’s approval/Homeowners Association approval
    • Landscaping/screening of pool to adjacent properties
    • Pool deposit form ($1,000)—refunded after final inspections passed
    • List of all contractors and sub-contractors
  • Building Permit ($400)

Pool Requirements

  • 4-foot secure barrier around the pool area during the entirety of the construction process
  • Pool must be entirely enclosed by a barrier at least 4 feet above ground level
    • Maximum clearance between ground level and bottom of barrier is 2 inches
    • Gates must be equipped with a self-latching/locking device
    • Must open away from the pool, not in towards the pool
  • If the wall of a dwelling is part of the barrier surrounding the pool, ONE of the following criteria must be met
    • Alarm for any gates leading from the dwelling to the pool
      • Must sound continuously for at least 30 seconds immediately after the gate is opened
      • Must be able to be heard throughout the house during normal household activities
      • Must automatically reset
      • Must be equipped with a touchpad or switch to temporarily deactivate the alarm during a single opening of the gate
    • Pool must be equipped with an automatic safety cover
    • Other means with self-latching gates/doors

Required Inspections

  • Building Pre-Pour
  • Rough Building
  • Foundation
  • Rough Plumbing
  • Rough Electrical
  • Final Landscaping
  • Final Grading
  • Final Fencing
  • Building Final
  • Final Plumbing
  • Final Electric

Homeowners Association Requirements

We touched on Homeowners Associations at the beginning of this article, but we need to tell you why they may affect your pool project.

You see, some neighborhoods are affiliated with a Homeowners Association, which may have its own set of rules and restrictions for inground swimming pools—in which case you’ll have to design your pool project according to their regulations in addition to those enforced by your respective town.

So, you may have to alter your pool project to adhere to both sets of rules, and doing so shouldn’t be taken lightly. You and your pool builder should both be aware of the appropriate regulations for your pool project to ensure that it is built legally and that you won’t run into issues down the line.

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Final Notes

So, there you have it—the rules and regulations placed upon inground swimming pools in Frankfort, IL!

These are put in place not only for the safety of your pool project during construction but for years to come as well. Swimming pools are a large investment so it’s important to construct everything up to code to make the investment hold up over the years. And with the effort put forth by you and your pool builder to abide by these rules, you’ll enjoy your pool with your friends and family for many years to come!

As always, if you have any questions please send them our way or contact the Frankfort Building Department at (815) 469-2177!

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