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Building An Inground Pool In Cedar Lake, IN? Here’s What You Need!

This installment of the rules and regulations placed upon inground swimming pools focuses on those enforced by the town of Cedar Lake, IN.

As we’ve noted, each town has their own set of rules and regulations for inground swimming pools as do counties for unincorporated areas. Therefore, it’s important to know which set of rules you and your pool builder need to abide by to legally build your inground swimming pool.

Even the slightest details could cause issues if not adhered to, which has inspired us to create this short guide to inform you of all of the rules you need to follow if you’re looking to build an inground pool in Cedar Lake.

So, let’s get started!

Pool Restrictions

  • Must be at least 10 feet from any side or rear property lines, building lines, or any location where a structure is prohibited under the Cedar Lake Zoning Ordinance
  • Any pump, filter, or pool water disinfection equipment must be at least 10 feet from any side or rear property lines, building lines, or any location where a structure is prohibited under the Cedar Lake Zoning Ordinance
  • The slope of any bottom portion of a pool where the water is less than 5 feet deep must not be more than 1 foot in each 10 feet; the maximum slope allowed where water is 5 feet or more in depth is 1 foot in 2 feet
  • Side and end walls must have a vertical depth of at least 6 feet or have a slope that meets ONE of the following criteria:
    • The pool may be vertical for 30 inches from the water level; below the point of 30-inches from the water level, the wall may slope to the bottom of the pool with a radius at any point equal to the difference between that point and 30 inches
    • To a depth of 6 feet, the slope of the pool must be at least 1 foot horizontal in 6 feet vertical
  • Unobstructed walkways 36 inches or more must extend around the pool in its entirety; the pitch of such walkways must be at least ¼-inch to the foot
  • Fencing must enclose the pool in its entirety with at height at least 5 feet above ground level with self-latching exits (retractable stairs are acceptable substitutes for gates)
  • At least 1 exit in the form of steps or a ladder required; if the pool is over 30 feet wide, 2 exits required

Requirements to Begin Construction

  • ALL drawings and plans for construction and installation must be presented to the Zoning and Building Inspector for approval of proper location and construction
    • Must portray the following:
      • Relevant lot lines and setback distances
      • Pool
      • Walkways
      • Fencing
      • Water supply system
      • Drainage
      • Water disposal system
      • Vertical elevations
    • Cannot begin construction until approval


Inspections will be conducted periodically by the Building Inspector to determine whether or not the pool project is in compliance with provisions of the Cedar Lake Zoning Ordinance.

Such inspections will focus on the following:

  • The pool itself
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC

Homeowners Association

In addition to the rules and regulations put in place by your respective town, you may have other provisions to follow if you live in a neighborhood affiliated with a Homeowners Association (HOA).

So, you and your pool builder need to be aware if there are HOA guidelines to follow because they may affect certain portions of your project. And failure to follow those guidelines could cause issues—which may result in more expenses to solve.

Final Notes

We hope that this quick rundown of the inground swimming pool regulations put in place by the town of Cedar Lake, IN has proved to be helpful for you!

It’s our mission to keep prospective and current pool owners as educated as possible and we can’t accomplish that without informing you of the legal foundation of a pool project. So please keep this in mind as you’re building your new inground pool as these regulations are not something to take lightly!

And as always, you can visit our Learning Center to learn more about inground swimming pools and inground pool regulations for other towns in Northwest Indiana!Visit our swimming pool learning center