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What Should Be Included In Your Pool Package?

What Should Be Included In Your Pool Package?

pool package is extremely important when purchasing a swimming pool. This is the list of everything that is going to be included with the price of the pool. For every new pool contractor in every city, county, or region you meet, they will all have a different pool package. While some pool packages may be very similar, no two are the exact same. Be sure to know exactly what you are getting from your pool contractor. You may not know it, but even a subtle difference of a colored pool light vs a white pool light can be up to a $1,000.00 difference in price. So, before comparing contractors, it is important to know exactly what is in each pool package they offer. Just some food for thought for you all! Anyway, here is Royal Pools and More’s full installation pool package!


Fiberglass Pool

  • 1-Piece fiberglass shell     Thursday Pools      
  • De-watering system
    (To eliminate ground water issues)
  • Innovative Installation
    “Rod Locking Collar”

Vinyl Liner Pool

  • Steel pool with 4×8 fiberglass step 20/20 mil liner
  • De-watering system
    (To help protect the vinyl liner or vermiculite damage from ground water)

Full Installation Pool Package

Pool Equipment

  • 1 H.P. Hayward Super Pump 
  • S244-T Hayward Sand Filter
  • H-250 Hayward Heater
  • Concrete pad to setup equipment
  • Pool timer
  • L.E.D. Light, Hayward Color Logic
  • 1 In line Chlorinator, Hayward CL200
  • (Mesh) winter cover, Anchor Industries
  • Electrical allowance for $1500.00
  • Gas allowance for $600.00

Concrete Decking

  • 4′ of concrete around the swimming pool
  • 1 Handrail
  • Ladder is included on 8′ deep swimming pools

White Goods / Plumbing

  • 1-2 Skimmers, depending on the size of the pool
  • 2 VGB compliant main drains
  • 2-3 Water returns, depending on the size of the pool
  • All plumbing will be in 1-1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC

Pool Tools

  • Brush
  • Telescopic Pole
  • Vacuum Head
  • Leaf Net
  • Hose
  • Vacuum Plate
  • Test Kit
  • Thermometer

Tutorials and Start Ups

  • Apply start up chemicals and get the pool water balanced
  • Supply equipment and one-on-one tutorial

Workmanship Warranty

  • Royal Pools offers a standard one-year warranty on workmanship.