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What Pool Accessories Or Options Should I Consider?

Now that you have picked out what style of swimming pool that you like, lets dive into the options or accessories! So, there are many options to choose from when it comes to pools. Depending on the style of swimming pool you choose the best option for you and your pool may vary. The pool accessories or options I want to discuss today are all going to be exterior to the pool structure itself. Such as different swimming pool sanitation systems, pool cover options, energy saving pool equipment and even some pool decking options. Interviewing hundreds of our customers I have created a list of the most common and useful pool accessories for you. All of these items have either cut down on swimming pool maintenance time or have had added a stunning visual effect to the backyard project!

The top five swimming pool accessories (Reviews/Ratings/Cost)

Coverstar_Flushlid_automatic_pool_cover1. Automatic Pool Cover

Also commonly refereed to as an automatic hard pool cover. Safety first, is the number one think to remember when purchasing an auto cover. An auto cover can easily hold thousands of pounds of weight, which technically makes it a “safety cover.”  Other than keeping your family safe from falling in the pool. An automatic pool cover also stops rain, debris such as leaves and grass clipping, it also blocks out sunlight protecting the pool from chlorine dying off quicker. One of the more under estimated features of an auto cover is the fact that it is great at drawing heat like a solar cover, but it is even better at trapping heat from escaping out of the water, which translates into huge energy savings.

On average automatic pool covers cost $10,000.00 – $15,000.00 installed. The price range varies due to the three styles of tracks, and the different options of lid.

The down side of auto cover is the fact that you will have to do some routine maintenance. Every hard pool cover whether it be auto or manual, needs to be washed with pool cover cleaner and condition with UVA-UVB blockers, to increase the life expectancy of the material. Speaking of life expectancy, the auto cover material if maintained properly should last between 8 – 12 years. Which does mean you will have to eventually replace it, which can cost between $2,500.00 – $3,500.00.

SuperPump_variable_speed_pump 2. Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Slowly becoming the new fan favorite for swimming pool owners. Variable speed pumps run 24/7 and can have energy savings up to 90%. Which means they typically pay for them selves with-in two pool seasons. These low energy pumps operate off of what is known as a permanent magnet motor, which is very similar to electric cars. Permanent magnet motors allow you to adjust the flow of the water as needed, creating less friction and saving pool owners money. Variable speed pumps are also fan cooled and vibrate less than a standard single speed pump. Resulting in longer lasting and dramatically quieter pool pump.

Variable speed pumps are usually priced from $1,200.00 – $1,500.00 depending on the size of the motor.

3. Salt Chlorine Generator

Also known as swimming pool salt systems. Salt systems are an automated sanitation system that automatically create chlorine for your swimming pool. Salt systems eliminate the use of chlorine tablets and if used properly you will never have to purchase a bag or gallon of chlorine shock.

How do salt chlorine generators work?

Salt is added to the pool in a specific amount for each size pool. Once the salt is diluted in the water, the “salt cell” uses a process of electrolysis where a small amount of electricity shocks the salt molecule, separating the chloride/chlorine and introducing it into the water.

Salt systems cost $1,000.00 – $3,000.00 installed. The increase in price is usually caused when the salt system is paired with swimming pool automation systems. Maintenance is usually minimal if you take care of your water chemistry.

4. Swimming Pool Automation

In today’s fast paced, digital age, swimming pool automation fits in perfectly. With the ability to control your swimming pool from the touch of a button, makes maintaining the pool and up keep a little more convenient. The best options for automation should include some sort of wireless remote control as well. We have found that the freedom to bring the remote control around with you anywhere in your home or yard has proven to be the most convenient. It is just our opinion but we recommend staying away from wall mounted systems as it ties you to that location to operate your swimming pool, which can be very frustrating when you have to walk away from the equipment to simply turn of the pump if there is an issue. Swimming pool automation cost anywhere from $2,000.00- $4,000.00 depending on how many items you would like to control.

5. Brick Pavers for your pool deck

As long as you are getting a swimming pool every basic pool package should have a built in amount of concrete decking around the pool. The concrete that is in the package is usually standard concrete and should be at least 4 feet wide.  If you are looking for more of a creative approach to decking around your swimming pool  we are seeing trends going more towards brick pavers.

Brick pavers give you a high end, classy look with the durability to definitely out last any concrete. The cost of brick pavers with out installation is around $3.00 – $5.00 Per Square Foot. Prices for installation vary from contractor to contractor due to yard slope, compacting material, and site preparation. All landscapers should compact base materials every inch and install Geo-grid as needed to insure that the pavers will not move. it is important to find a landscaper that is willing and able to do that to ensure a high quality deck.