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Top 10 Rectangular Fiberglass Pools Of 2020

Top 10 Rectangular Fiberglass Pools Of 2020

Fiberglass pools can be many different shapes and sizes, but they are usually grouped into two categories: rectangular and shaped.

While we typically think of rectangular swimming pools in the Midwest because that’s what best pairs up with an automatic pool cover. Think about this as well, when you’ve seen pools in magazines, on television, or on the internet, what do usually see? Probably sleek decked out rectangles.

We’ve been conditioned to like rectangular pools because they’ve been made to look clean and crisp. And if they are made by the right manufacturer, they are clean and crisp and definitely the most gallon for your dollar!

With manufacturers all over the country, there are thousands of pool shapes to choose from. Some of the leading manufacturers like River Pools and SpasThursday PoolsAlaglas Swimming Pools and Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools make excellent fiberglass pools. But with so many to choose from, you’re probably wondering which are the best.

Well, that’s what we are here to solve for you!

In the article that follows, we’re going to tell you a little bit about the top 10 rectangular fiberglass pools in 2020.

They’re not in any specific order, but this is our take on the 10 best rectangular fiberglass pools in 2020!

The Caribbean by Alaglas Swimming Pools


The Dimensions of the Caribbean are as follows:

  • Width: 11’5”
  • Length: 26’4”
  • Depth: 3’6” graduated to 5’4”
  • Stairs: Full width entry stairs

At first look, you can see that the water is a very light blue—almost the color of the ocean, hence the name “Caribbean.” This is due to the white gelcoat finish of the structure and how the sun reflects off of it. Obviously you can change the gelcoat but the white finish looks so refreshing.

The other options for colored finishes are sapphire, quartz, and topaz. Each gives the water a different tint of blue, but you can be assured that each finish will make the pool look luxurious and unique.


As a medium-sized pool, the Caribbean has more than enough room for the entire family to enjoy while swimming laps, playing water basketball/volleyball, or other activities.

The Olympian by Alaglas Swimming Pools


The dimensions of the Olympian are as follows:

  • Width: 16’
  • Length: 40’
  • Depth: 3’8” graduated to 8’
  • Stairs: Center Wedding Cake Steps

Being 40 feet long and 16 feet wide, the Olympian is one of the larger pools on this list. If you’re looking for a large pool that can accommodate large gatherings and entertain the whole family.

The graduated depth to 8 feet accommodates all ages, with a shallow end for the younger children and the deep end for the more experienced swimmers. You could even add on a diving board to your package to make for even more fun in the pool!


You can choose from 4 different gelcoat finishes: sapphire, quartz, topaz, and white, each giving the pool its own unique look. The picture above include the white gelcoat finish and gives the water the traditional darker blue tint that we have come to be familiar with.

The Aspen by Thursday Pools

One of the great things about the Aspen is that it comes in multiple sizes. Therefore, both smaller and larger backyards can be the home for this pool.


The sizes you can choose from are as follows:

  • 12’ (Width) x 25’ (Length) x 5’6” (Depth)
  • 14’ (Width) x 30’ (Length) x 5’6” (Depth)
  • 14’ (Width) x 35’ (Length) x 5’6” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 35’ (Length) x 5’6” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 5’10” (Depth)
  • Stairs -Tanning Ledge /Curved entry stairs

Regardless of the size of this pool, it has ample choices for seating with benches at ever corner and a built-in tanning ledge at the entrance. Not to mention, there is still plenty of room to accommodate for those who want to dive right into the water (pun intended).


Along with the different sizes available, there are also multiple gelcoat finishes you can choose from including:

  • Caribbean Sparkle
  • Maya
  • California
  • Sandstone
  • Diamond
  • Graphite
  • White

Each gives the water a different tint of blue, which you can see here.

Although the structure of a fiberglass pool cannot be customized, make no mistake that the combination of sizes and gelcoat finishes give the Aspen many different possibilities for the finished product!

The Astoria by Latham Pools


The dimensions of the Astoria pool are as follows:

  • Width: 15’10”
  • Length: 40’
  • Depth: 3’6” graduated to 7’
  • Spa Depth: 3’

One of the features that makes the Astoria pool unique is the built-in spa. With this feature, you get the best of both worlds with the expansive area for more intensive swimming and the spa for a little rest and relaxation.

With a mini tanning ledge next to the spa and the rest of the pool graduating to 7 feet deep, there are plenty of different areas for everyone to enjoy.


Now, I understand that this is just a pool, but this is some neat stuff that Latham Pools has included in this shape!

Some can be a boring rectangle with steps at the entrance and benches on each side, but the Astoria has so many details that it’s one of the best rectangular pools on the market today.

The Delray by Latham Pools


The dimensions of the Delray pool shape are as follows:

  • Width: 12’
  • Length: 25’
  • Depth: 4’6”

Now, somewhere on this list I had to include a pool shape that didn’t have any of the fancy tanning ledges, built-in spas, benches, ledges, etc. For some people, they don’t need any of those features—they just want a pool for intensive swimming.

That’s just what the Delray pool offers to pool buyers.

With just a few steps at one corner of the pool, the remaining area is available to accommodate those who want to do some intensive swimming instead of relax. Not only that, but the extra space compared to some of the other pools on this list allows for more people to enjoy the pool at once.

delray_3_d_ drawing

This pool could be perfect for parties and gatherings where you need to entertain a large amount of people. Therefore, your backyard could turn into the hot spot for summer parties!

The Outback Escape by Barrier Reef Pools


The dimensions of the Outback Escape are as follows:

  • Width: 8’6”
  • Length: 17’
  • Depth: 4’7”

This list would not be complete without a smaller-sized pool for those who don’t have large backyards or don’t want a large pool to begin with.

The great thing about the Outback Escape is that is can be used for different purposes including:

  • Plunge Pool: Small pool used for normal swimming and relaxation
  • Fitness Pool: A constant water current in the swim lane allows individuals to use swimming as a form of exercise
  • Spa: A heater and additional jets can be added to use the pool as a larger-than-normal-sized spa

The multipurpose ability of the Outback Escape makes it a unique pool compared to the others on this list, especially with its size.

So, if you’re looking for a small pool that has different capabilities, the Outback Escape could be the one for you.

You can use it for a new method of exercise, casual swimming with the family, or rest and relaxation giving you your own small getaway right in your backyard!

The R Series by River Pools


The R Series comes in 6 different sizes, so there is a size that can fit almost every backyard. These sizes include:

  • 10’ (Width) x 20’ (Length) x 4’4” (Depth)
  • 12’ (Width) x 24’ (Length) x 4’0”-5’3” (Depth)
  • 15’ (Width) x 28’ (Length) x 3’8”-5’8” (Depth)
  • 15’ (Width) x 32’ (Length) x 3’8”-6’0” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 36’ (Length) x 3’8”-6’3” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 3’8”-6’6” (Depth)

No matter what your needs are for the size of a pool, the R Series can accommodate to them and transform your backyard into what you’ve always wanted it to be!

Although the R Series pools may look fairly basic, rest assured that they look luxurious and are sure to make your backyard look outstanding! And you can choose from these various gelcoat finishes:

  • Arctic Shimmer
  • Azure
  • California
  • Caribbean Sparkle
  • Granite Gray
  • Graphite
  • Maya
  • Ocean Shimmer
  • Sandstone Shimmer

With benches/steps at each corner of the pool, there is ample room for seating. And it also doesn’t take away from the actual swimming area, so there is a healthy balance between the two!

The Whitsunday by Barrier Reef Pools


The Whitsunday comes in these 6 different sizes

  • Whitsunday Deep: 15’8” (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 8’6” (Depth)
  • Whitsunday:15’8” (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 6’10” (Depth)
  • Whitsunday: 15’8” (Width) x 35’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 6’4” (Depth)
  • Whitsunday: 15’8” (Width) x 30’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 6’1” (Depth)
  • Whitsunday 35 Lounger: 15’8” (Width) x 35’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 6’4” (Depth)
  • Whitsunday 35 Lounger: 15’8” (Width) x 30’ (Length) x 3’6” graduated to 6’1” (Depth)

The design of the Whitsunday and the Whitsunday Deep includes exit steps at each corner of the pool whereas the Whitsunday 35 Lounger includes exit step at three corners and exit steps and a tanning ledge at the last corner.

Nonetheless, there is still a great amount of space for free swimming regardless of the size of the pool. Not to mention, each design has deep ends that exceed 6 feet so there is plenty of room for both experienced and inexperience swimmers.

Another feature that is included in the design of the Whitsunday is the safety ledge that extends around the perimeter of the pool where there is not a set of steps or a tanning ledge. This is a great addition for inexperienced swimmers as they can hold on to the ledge in areas where they do not feel entirely comfortable, making for an enhanced safety measure!

The Grace Beach Entry by Thursday Pools


There are three different options of the Grace Beach Entry pool and they are as follows:

  • 14’ (Width) x 36’ (Length) x 5’8” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 36’ (Length) x 5’8” (Depth)
  • 16’ (Width) x 40’ (Length) x 5’10” (Depth)

Beach Entry Pools are exclusive to Thursday Pools and have given a new meaning to the word “luxurious.”


The seamless transition from the surrounding patio to the pool itself makes it feel like you have a beach right in your backyard. The patio leads to the pool structure and right into the water instead of having a hard drop-off to the steps like all other pools have.

Each size has the same design: the beach entrance, steps that lead to the shallow end of the pool that graduates to the deep end, and steps at the remaining corners of the pool. When completed, the finished product looks like one of the most luxurious pools with the combination of design and sparkling water!

Get a free swimming pool service quote today!

The Outback Lounger by Barrier Reef Pools


The dimensions of the Outback Lounger are as follows:

  • Width: 11’3”
  • Length: 30’
  • Depth: 4’3”

The Outback Lounger is one of the narrower pools on this list, but what it lacks in width it makes up for in length.

The focus of this pool more is on rest and relaxation than more intensive swimming, but that’s why it’s a pool shape option.


For those who want to lay out in the pool and soak up the sun, this pool provides the ability to do just that. With the tanning ledge at the entrance of the pool you can have the luxury of enjoying the water just a little bit without fully submerging yourself in the rest of the pool.

The addition of safety ledges on the sides of the pool is great for inexperienced swimmers and the steps connected to them are perfect for seating extra people, meaning you can accommodate the whole family!


Well, now we’ve come to the end of this list!

There’s so many other rectangular shaped fiberglass pools and the ones listed here are just the tip of the iceberg.

Each has their own unique features that makes them different than the other. There is a pool out there for everyone looking to buy one, and if you don’t see one that catches your eye here, there are plenty others out there to look in to from so many manufacturers!