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How Can Vinyl Liner Pools Be Customized?

How Can Vinyl Liner Pools Be Customized?

One of the great things about vinyl liner pools is that they are customizable!

Customization is arguably the biggest advantage that vinyl liner pools have over fiberglass pools as you can work with your pool builder to create a pool to your specifications.

Of course, each property will be different so you may be slightly limited in design options. However, what you are able to customize could prove to be beneficial if you cannot find a fiberglass pool that meets all of your wants and needs. Regardless, the customization options are aplenty when it comes to vinyl liner pools. So, that’s exactly what were going to discuss in this article!

We install vinyl liner pools every year, which means we go through specific design processes to get every specification right. Some design options are simple while others are more complex. In the end, it all depends on what you want your pool to look like and what you want it to feature.

Keep in mind that the more you customize in a vinyl liner pool, the more expensive your pool may become. But, if some features are on your “must have” list, the cost will be well worth it.

Alright, enough rambling, let’s get to it!


When it comes to steps, you have two options: vinyl-over-steel or polymer steps.

Vinyl-Over-Steel Steps

These steps are made from the same metal as the wall panels of a vinyl liner pool. Therefore, they’re durable and will last a lifetime.

Additionally, vinyl-over-steel steps can be constructed inside the pool instead of jetting out from the structure as an external piece of the pool. This way, the steps appear to be part of the pool and therefore will be covered with the same liner that is used for the rest of the pool. So, everything looks the same and appears to be one big structure when really, it’s multiple pieces that are connected to each other.


And because vinyl-over-steel steps are essentially pieces of metal connected both to each other and the pool wall, they can come in different shapes and sizes and be placed in specific locations. Therefore, the possibilities are quite endless for vinyl-over-steel steps.

Polymer Steps

You probably recognize these as white plastic steps, which is the more common terminology for them.


They’re called polymer steps because the plastic that the steps are made of are a polymer in itself, meaning it is made of molecules that consist of millions of smaller molecules. We know, scientific terms. We’ll stop.

Polymer steps are the standard choice for steps as they’re cheaper than vinyl-over-steel steps, but they offer that customization as one of two options for steps.

Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledges have become pretty popular in recent years and are a feature that adds to the aesthetic of the pool.

As you can see from the photo below, a tanning ledge is a level area located at the entrance of the pool with a very shallow depth. It serves as an area where you can place chairs to sit in while enjoying the pool or just enjoy a very small portion of water.


The tanning ledge also serves as an entrance that replaces the normal set of steps you may see in a typical vinyl liner pool. However, there are steps that lead from a tanning ledge into the swimming area so there isn’t just a complete drop-off.

Shapes, Sizes, and Depths

As far as shapes and sizes of vinyl liner pools go, you pretty much have free reign with respect to your property size and shape as well as your town, county, or Homeowners Association’s swimming pool code. You’ll face limitations in your pool designs from all of these entities, but that just means you’ll have to get creative with your design or stick with something more simplistic.


Rectangular pools, oval pools, or more complex shapes are all options that you can consider. You’ll just have to work with your pool builder to design something that will bring your vision to life while avoiding any foundational or legal issues. And since vinyl liner pools are roughly 95% customizable, you have a lot to play with especially regarding shape.

You also have the freedom of choosing how deep you want your pool to be. You can design a pool that has a consistent depth or a pool that has a graduated depth from the shallow end of the pool to the deep end of the pool. There’s a lot to play with, and including depth in consideration with shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless.


Aside from the vinyl liner pool itself, you can get creative in the decking or patio that you choose to install around the pool.

The patio area adds to the aesthetic of the entire pool project, and you have so many materials to choose from, including:

  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Travertine
  • Flagstone
  • Slate
  • Cobblestone
  • Natural Stone
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Standard Concrete

Each of these options create their own unique look distinctly different from one another. And it’s all up to you to decide which one will bring your project together! (See Stamped Concrete vs. Concrete pavers vs. Basic Concrete)

What Else Can You Customize?

Aside from structural designs and landscaping features, you can choose the pool equipment and pool accessories that you would like to include in your pool project.

As far as equipment goes, you can choose from a variety of pool pumps, filters, sanitization systems, heaters, and more! Keeping your pool sanitary and safe to use it one of the most important things about owning an inground pool, so make sure you spend time with your builder deciding what combination will provide you with the best filter system.

For fun and games, you can include equipment to play water games such as volleyball and basketball! So for more active individuals who want to play sports in the water, these can be great features!

There are so many options for you with vinyl liner pools and the great thing is that you have the freedom to pick and choose what features work with each other to bring your vision to life!

We hope this has given you some clarification of the customizability of vinyl liner pools and if you have any more questions, you can be sure to find the answers in our Learning Center!

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