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Building An Inground Pool In St. John, IN? Here’s What You Need!

To build an inground swimming pool, several requirements need to be met. Each town has its requirements which can affect the design of the entire pool project. So, these requirements must be met with each and every pool so they can be built legally and without any issues with the design.

In this article, we will be detailing the requirements put in place by the town of St. John, Indiana to build an inground swimming pool.

Pool Restrictions

  1. Must follow the Indiana State Swimming Pool Code, Town of St. John Zoning Ordinance, and the National Electrical Code.
  2. St. John requires the pool to be at least 10 feet from a side or rear property lines and 20 feet from an adjacent property.
  3. Must have an Approved Safety Cover (auto cover) or a fence with a height of at least 6 feet from ground level that surrounds the inground pool or spa. If chosen, an Approved Safety Cover must be in place and locked whenever the owner of the property is not present at the residence. If a fence is chosen, it must include a self-closing OR latching gate that can be locked when the pool or spa is not in use.

Requirements to Begin Construction

  1. Building Permit Application form needs to be completed to obtain a Building Permit. The application form will include all of the Contractors and Electricians licensed to work in St. John. Once approved, you can obtain the $330 Building Permit which includes the zoning, electrical, and stormwater permit costs.
  2. One (1) copy of the plat of survey which will include the:
    1. Property Lines
    2. Primary Structure (Home)
    3. Location of Inground Pool or Spa
    4. Dimensions of Inground Pool or Spa
    5. Electrical Outlets
    6. Fixtures
    7. Meter Boxes
    8. Light Fixtures
    9. Fans
    10. Other Electrical Devices
      *Building Permits require at least two (2) business days to process. All permit fees must be paid in full before the Building Permit can be issued. Building Permits are valid for 60 days.*


Required Inspections

An inground pool or spa may not be occupied until it has passed ALL inspections by the St. John Building Commissioner and Electrical Inspector. Inspections must be completed in the following order:

  1. Building Pre-Pour Footing and Plumbing Underground
  2. Rough Electric and Electric Bonding Pre-Pour
  3. Plumbing Gas-Line
  4. Building Pre-Pour
  5. Electrical Bonding of Pool
  6. Final Electric (after all electric is completed)
  7. Building Final Building/Plumbing/HVAC (when pool/spa is complete, final electric has passed, and fence/deck is complete)

Home Owners Associations

If you live in a neighborhood where you are part of an HOA AKA homeowners association you will have some additional work.

You see, even though a town makes you abide by their rules in addition to that you will have to also follow your HOA rules. These rules shouldn’t be too far off from the actual city rules but still need to follow state and national building codes. So just beware, as you are prepping for your in-ground swimming pool you will also need to file for approval with your HOA!

Final Notes

As you can see, there are several requirements and restrictions for pool projects in the town of St. John, IN. While the responsibility to abide by these requirements and restrictions lies more in the hands of the pool builder than you, it is still important to be aware of everything that you can and cannot do regarding your pool project. After all, the goal is to create your backyard oasis! Now that you know what the rules of your town are for installation it’s time to pick your swimming pool contractor!