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Are In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools Out Of Date Or Old Fashioned?

Are In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools Out Of Date Or Old Fashioned?

Technology as we all know is shaping the world and changing it daily! Whether it be the development of the World Wide Web in the 90’s to just the other day with the landing of Space X, there have been some truly mind shattering events in my life time. Like I said earlier we see technological advancements take place on the daily anymore.

This does not necessarily hold true for all industries in the world. I mean, look at the steel industry, at one point in time steel alone was known for the supporting the industrial REVOLUTION ah ah ah!!! As we see it today, it resembles nothing of what a monster industry it was back in the late 1800’s, and that is for obvious reasons everything in life has its own ebbs and flows. Okay, Okay, I will now step off of the soapbox and get to my point! ūüôā

So to my main topic, ¬†are we seeing this in the swimming pool industry right now? I was presenting to a customer the other day and she asked me a great question. “Are vinyl liner swimming pools out of date/ old technology? It seems like there could be a better way of making swimming pools.” I thought to my self at that moment, whoa, what a random but awesome question! This woman clearly… had done some research on swimming pools. So much that she had decided, you know what, I am going to ask the pool guy when he comes to my house. (And the award for the best question of the year goes to…) ¬†So per the norm, as we do at Royal Pools , I embraced the question and answered with full blown honesty. “No, vinyl liner swimming pools are not going to receive¬†some highly touted prestige for advanced technology for the swimming pool industry. I would honestly have to give that award to fiberglass swimming pools and other mechanical pieces of equipment such as variable speed pumps and salt chlorine generators that have made some amazing advances. But that doesnt mean that it is a bad product.”

Just as I said earlier that I thought the steel industry is just a shell of what it used to be. Yes, vinyl liner swimming pools are in the same boat for the swimming pool industry. Lets face it there are a lot of problems with the product, such as liners looking cheap, fading, wrinkling, floating etc But of the past few years we have seen some pretty cool new looking patterns come out since the birth of HD vinyl liner printing. We have also seen some older technology that was re-invented recently for protected your inground liner from floating.

A fresh look for inground vinyl liner pools

There is new technology when it comes to the print of inground pool liners with the new Pearl Essence Luxury Liners from Loop-Loc!


The pearl essence finished liner is something truly special for in ground vinyl liner pools. Created with the highest quality print in the liner world, It has a beautiful shine to it, un-like any normal liner, giving it its name, pearl. So as for as technology is concerned this is the front runner for the vinyl industry. With that being said, this still is not as advanced as the finishes of a fiberglass pool or a Pebble Tech finish of a custom gunite pool. But to say the least, it is a huge advancement for a rather stale product. For more information on the pear essence finished liner check out Loop-Loc!

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Old technology, reinvented to tackle the major issue of a floating pool liner!

This is an interesting take that I really appreciate! The most common problem that we see with inground vinyl liner pools is the dreaded floating liner. Ground water gets under the liner and forces the liner up from the ground and creates what looks like a bubble.


This is a major issue that if addressed while installing the swimming pool can eliminate liner wrinkles, re-setting of a liner and and generally a lot of money for the customer.

Cue NuFlo Systems, they have taken something that we have been doing in the fiberglass pool side of the industry and applied it to the vinyl side. They use a water control drain system also known as a de-watering system for the swimming pool. For years swimming pool contractors have used a drain tile around the base of the swimming pool to remove water. Well in short if your yard does not slope properly so gravity can remove the water, all of that work is for naught. The nuflow system eliminates floating liners with their new in wall drain control system. The images below will describe the process!

nuflow-water-control-system-swimming-pools The NuFlo system is guaranteed to eliminate that issue of a floating liner. I just hope that swimming pool contractors see the huge advantage of installing these systems. Check out more information on Nuflow at there website HERE!

So there it is guys, no vinyl liner swimming pools are not necessarily out of date or old fashioned, they are just a few steps behind the rest of the industry as far as technology goes. Have a great rest of your day and cheers to happy swimming!