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How To Properly Maintain A Salt Water Pool!

How To Properly Maintain A Salt Water Pool!

Salt chlorine generators are one of the swimming pool industries great inventions. Cutting down on time maintaining your pool and increasing how much time you get to enjoy the pool. After installing hundreds of salt systems over the years, the customers who have the best results are the ones who maintain the cell and their pool water chemistry properly. Below I am going to review the best practices for keeping you salt cell working for as long as possible.

Swimming Pool Chemicals: Why swimming pool chemistry is important ALWAYS!

Salt water pools just like any other pool sanitation system need to have chemical balance, in particular with the acidity of the water. The pH and the alkalinity are both crucial to any swimming pool, but is also important if not more important when balancing a salt water pool. If the pH is to high forcing the alkalinity to raise with it, this makes the pool basic or scale forming. Which can force calcium deposits to attach to the salt cell rendering it in efficient. If the pH is to low this can also force the alkalinity to drop lower causing the salt cell to deteriorate rendering it in-efficient as well. Below you will see the proper ranges of pH and Alkalinity, remembering to keep these two elements in check will help eliminate a lot of problems.


pH 7.2 – 7.8

pH is the scale of how acidic/ basic your swimming pool water is. pH is very important, if the pH level is below 7.2 the water becomes very acidic and will become corrosive to surfaces. If the pH is above 7.8 the water becomes very basic which can lead to scaling of the pool surface. Tip** The chlorine that is produced from the salt cell, has a high pH so it is normal to add pH down to your swimming pool,

  • Alkalinity 80 – 120

Alkalinity is the buffer to the pH count in the swimming pool water. If the alkalinity is to far out of range, it will allow the pH to bounce.

Salt Water Pools: Conditioning Kits

The other practice that you should do routinely on your salt water pool is apply salt water conditioning kits to the water. Salt water conditioning kits are chemicals that need to get applied to the water to help keep the cell from scaling. These conditioners should be applied monthly or by monthly. This helps the salt cell operate smoothly with out any excess corrosion and some conditioners also have pH and Alkalinity balancers built in to help the acidity of the pool water.

There it is folks, the simple maintenance that will help save you tons of money and tons of time on your swimming pool! Have a great day!

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