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Building An Inground Pool In Valparaiso, IN? Here’s What You Need!

Building An Inground Pool In Valparaiso, IN? Here’s What You Need!

If you’re looking to build an inground pool in Valparaiso, IN, you’re going to want to pay close attention to what we’re about to say in this article!

We all know that the look and type of pool is something that is at the top of the list for prospective inground pool owners, but there’s a lot more that you need to consider and be aware of to legally build an inground pool.

There are regulations placed upon inground swimming pool by every town, but there may be differences that could change the entire layout of a project. This is why we believe it’s imperative that both you and your pool builder are aware of what you can and cannot do regarding your pool project—and also why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create this quick guide for those regulations specifically unique to Valparaiso, IN!

So, let’s dive into the legalities that will help bring your pool project to life!

Pool Requirements

  • Pool must be at least 6 feet from side and rear property lines
  • Pool must be at least 6 feet from any structures/buildings
  • Pool must be clear of all utility easements
  • Pool must be enclosed by ONE of the following:
    • Automatic safety cover that can withstand a minimum of 1,000 pounds OR
    • A barrier such as a fence that extends around the entire perimeter of the pool that is at least 4 feet above ground level and at least 6 feet from the walls of the pool

Requirements Prior to Construction

  • Residential Alteration/Accessory Permit Application and Obtainment of Permit Upon Approval
  • Site Plan
    • Lot size including dimensions and square footage
    • Property lines
    • Footprint of home including location and dimensions of first level of home with attached garage
    • Pre-existing accessory structures
    • Driveway
    • Private sidewalks
    • Easements
    • Proposed structures to be built including location and dimensions with distances relative to adjacent property lines and structures
  • List of contractors and sub-contractors

Required Inspections

  • Foundation
  • Backfill
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical Bonding
  • Final

Homeowners Association Requirements

While your respective town will always have some type of rules to follow for your inground pool, it is possible that you’ll have to abide by an additional set of rules if your neighborhood is affiliated with a Homeowners Association (HOA).

HOAs are popular among subdivisions, but it’s always smart to check into Homeowners Associations for every pool project just to cover all of the bases and make sure that your pool is up to code.

Final Notes

Not only is it important to have all of the necessary documents to gain approval for the construction of an inground pool, but it’s also important for your pool builder to construct the pool properly so it can pass all inspections and be used safely and legally.

These rules aren’t just enforced by the town for show–they could truly have an impact on the functionality of your pool in the future if not followed. So, they’re really there to ensure years of enjoyment for you and your family!

If you have any further questions you can send them our way or contact the Valparaiso Building Department at (219) 462-1161!